How to open the Chinese version of Douyin live broadcast permission overseas?

Douyin Live broadcast is a live broadcast function on Douyin platform. Through Douyin live broadcast, users can share their lives, interests, talents and other content in real time and interact with fans. Douyin livestreaming has become a very popular form of livestreaming because of its wide user base, low threshold, rich content, diversified ways of realization, strong interactivity and strong sociability.

Here are some of the features and advantages of Douyin Live streaming:

1. Huge user base: As one of the most popular short video platforms in China, Douyin has a huge user base, high user activity, and extensive user groups all over the world.

2. Low threshold: Douyin Live provides a live streaming function with low threshold. Users can open their own broadcast room and share their own content with only a few simple steps.

3. Rich live content: The live content of Douyin not only includes food, fashion, music, dance, games and other kinds of live content, but also includes the daily life and mood of anchors and other kinds of sharing. Meanwhile, it also provides users with a lot of interactive entertainment games.

4. Diversified monetisation methods: Tiktok Live supports a variety of monetisation methods, including virtual gifts, paid subscriptions, cooperative advertising, etc., providing diversified income sources for main broadcast.

5. Strong interactivity: Douyin Live broadcast supports real-time interaction. Users can interact with anchors through bullet screen, "like" and "gift", which increases the interest and interactivity of live broadcast.

6. Strong sociability: Douyin Live broadcast has strong social attributes. Users can establish social networks through interaction, following, sharing and other means to narrow the distance between anchors and fans.

Then which communities need to open the livestreaming rights of domestic Douyin overseas and use the livestreaming resources of Douyin? (翻墙回国)

1) Business of KOL and MCN: KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) and MCN (Multi-Channel Networks) are important content producers on Douyin, whose content includes brand promotion, short videos, live broadcasting and so on. Due to the popularity and advantages of Douyin live streaming, domestic Kols and MCNS 'live streaming on Douyin has become one of their main sources of income. Therefore, overseas Kols and MCNS also need to open the rights of domestic Douyin live streaming to ensure that they can carry out live streaming services on Douyin.

2) Cross-border e-commerce: Many cross-border e-commerce platforms have livestreaming functions in China, which can help brands promote their products and increase sales in the Chinese market. Cross-border e-commerce companies need to open the livestreaming rights of domestic Douyin to carry out livestreaming business in the Chinese market and improve brand exposure and sales.

3) Media and public relations companies: Media and public relations companies also need to carry out activities and brand promotion in the Chinese market. As an emerging marketing means, Tiktok live broadcasting has become an important means for many companies to promote activities. Therefore, overseas media and public relations companies need to open the rights of domestic Tiktok live broadcasting to help customers carry out brand publicity and marketing activities in the Chinese market.

4) Other enterprises and individuals: In addition to the above industries, other enterprises and individuals may also need to carry out brand promotion and live broadcasting activities in the Chinese market, so they also need to open the rights of domestic Douyin live broadcasting.

However, it is not a simple thing to open the livestreaming rights of domestic Douyin overseas. Due to the geographical restrictions of Douyin, overseas users will have "no livestreaming rights in your region" when they open the livestreaming rights of domestic Douyin. So how do we solve it?

To break through the geographical restrictions of Tiktok overseas and open the live-streaming rights of China's Tiktok, you can try the following methods: (回国vpn)

a. Using VPN: By connecting to a VPN, you can change the IP address to make Douyin think that the user is in China and enable the right to broadcast live. However, it should be noted that Tiktok strictly blocks VPNS, so not all VPNS can be used.

b. Use homecoming Accelerator: Similar to VPN, Homecoming accelerator allows users to access Chinese network resources overseas and open the right to broadcast live. Unlike VPNS, homecoming accelerators focus on speeding up domestic networks to provide more stable and high-speed connections.

c. Ask domestic friends for help: If you have friends in China, you can ask them to apply for permission to broadcast live. The specific operation is to let domestic friends log in to their own Douyin account, real-name authentication and apply for livestreaming rights, and then share the livestreaming rights with overseas users.

It should be noted that all of the above methods have certain risks, especially the risk of VPN, so we recommend the use of homecoming accelerator.

golink Return Accelerator is a high-speed and stable network accelerator that can optimize the speed of overseas users to connect to domestic servers, providing smoother and faster Internet access experience.

The following is how to use golink accelerator to break through the regional restrictions and open Tiktok live streaming rights: (加速器vpn)

Step 1: Download golink Accelerator client from overseas, install and log in.

Step 2: Select application mode and click to accelerate.

Step 3: Open the home page of China Douyin and log in to your account.

Step 4: In Personal Center, locate Apply for Live Broadcast Permission and submit the application.

(Note: Unlike other platforms, Douyin does not have the right to open, but to have enough followers. Now, Douyin has 4,000 followers, which means that anyone with 4,000 followers can apply for livestreaming. However, this is not absolute, Douyin will also according to your account data, your fans statistics, as long as your account appears illegal situation, your number of followers will be a little more.)

Step 5: Wait for the official review. After the approval, you can open the Douyin livestreaming rights.

You need to keep the normal connection of the return accelerator when applying for the permission of live broadcasting and the subsequent live broadcasting, so that the system can identify your IP address in the domestic area with the permission of live broadcasting, so as to ensure the normal network connectivity.

golink accelerator can help overseas users break through geographical restrictions, optimize connection speed, and provide smoother and faster Internet access experience. Whether it's watching live streaming, playing games or other web apps, they can get a better experience. If you have a problem getting access to Douyin live streaming overseas, try using golink accelerator to solve it.